Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So Desperate...

I've never liked those credit card promoters... I think things are getting desperate as the economy goes downwards. Last Sunday, I went grocery shopping as usual at Boulevard. I've always avoid a special space near the supermarket where the credit card promoters "pick up" their "victims". Now they have new tactics, free control car for your kids if you apply for the card.

Well... I made a mistake last Sunday.. I didn't realise I walked straight into their trap. I was rushing and followed RayMan from behind to the otherside of the supermarket.. I did'nt realise he took the route where the credit card promoters are.. waiting to pounce.. Sure enough as I was pushing my trolley through with my son in it, one guy started to approach me..

Promoter : Miss.. apply for credit card?
Me : No, thanks. Already have credit card.

Promoter : Oh.. which bank you have? Can I have a look at your credit card?
Me : No.. why you wanna look at my credit card?

Promoter : No lar.. just wanna have a look? Come on.. show me your credit card please....

FYI, there are two banks promoting their credit cards... the other guy from another bank just stand there and watch. The promoter is blocking my trolley and I can't pass. I was in a hurry so I thought, hiya.. just show him my credit card and move on... And so.. I took out my credit card.. "Hmm... ", said the promoter. Suddenly, he snatched my credit card from my hand.. and run towards his booth... I know what he's trying to do.. he wanna use my credit card to sign up for his bank's credit card.. WHAT A DIRTY TRICK!!!! I realised what was happening and quickly snatched my card back and move away from that horrible place. That guy took me by surprised. But luckily I was alert. Really so desperate nowadays... Can't imagine what else they do to get people to sign up for the credit card.. :S

So.. beware when you see those promoters around..


Gallivanter said...

Wow, that is a dirty trick! Usually, what I do, when someone ask me about the credit card, I said I already have the same credit card.

"Hi Sir, would like to apply for a XXX bank credit card?"

"Well, I've already own a card from XXX bank and I'm happy with the services".

And they leave me alone. :-)

Of you could say, "I would love too, but I'm blacklisted." :-)

joey said...

haha.. good idea :D