Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's been a long long time.. since.... my last post. Today I'm feeling a little dreamy + kinda blue + not enough sleep. Milo's at it again.. Last few nights he joined in the party by barking "his head off" around 12 - 1am. OMG!! What's going on with him. Had to go tell him to "shut up! it's the middle of the night. No more partying."

So now.. I'm zzzzz and zzzz and zzzzz....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nesting instinct?

I believe my "nesting" instinct starts to kick in since last week. But last week I was quite sick, down with running nose and fever. I do not feel the heat from fever though.. quite unusual. I'm now 32 weeks pregnant. Any time now.. if the bb decides to come out early and say Helloo......

Got a few things done during the weekend. Especially checking my baby stuff inventory. Bought a baby car seat @ a good price and I couldn't resist buying a pair of baby girl suit (since the doctor mention it's a baby girl).
All the girlie stuff looked so cute. OK.. I need to prioritised what I'm suppose to buy... not to be carried away with those cute stuff. There are still some more things I need to stock up.

Starting to feel more and more tired and sleepy at different times of the day that I need short naps to energise myself. I sooooooo much like a facial now.. but I can't.. since I can't lie straight for at least an hour. So... for now I have to DIY pampering. Hmmmm.....still two more months to go? Counting down about 55 more days to go.

I'm excited about tomorrow's follow up. I will get a chance to see my baby again through ultrasound. I've started to talk to the baby about daily life.. what we are doing.. etc etc... softly of course... sometimes.. I seemed like I'm talking to myself but I'm actually talking to the baby. I do that at home.. out loud :P but not in office or anywhere public :P There I go.. starting zzzz again.....

Friday, May 07, 2010

Heee... I Still Look......

I got compliments during lunch that I still look pretty even though in pregnant body :P Heeeee.... ahem...Snap out of it. Anyway, I seemed to be under the sleepy spell recently that no matter how much I sleep, it seems not enough. Hmm... why hor??

Some eye candy here ....

I couldn't resist not to take this photo. Hehe... Puss had put on so much weight since the last Shrek!! Someone commented QQ kinda look like Jay (style) in this photo :P

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I waddle

Yes, it's true. I waddle. More clumsy than before. Due to the size of tummy and weight, I waddle more than I walk :(

Sad fact for me to accept. However, I try to waddle gracefully. Today, I had pain in the leg.. so I look more like limping than waddle or.. waddle+limping. Had to walk slowly. I hate leg cramps!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Two more months

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. Walking up the stairs.. is abit slow for me. Panting and puffing when I reach office. Quite a normal scene. Sometimes.. I feel breathless. Sometimes.. exhausted. Another two months, I will deliver this "watermelon". Haha... been carrying the "watermelon" around for quite long already. Getting heavier. Yesterday, I'm 51.3kg. Hmm... put on 0.9kg in 2 weeks. Baby's very active. On previous scan, I saw the bb moving it's fingers.. hehe... so cute.

This morning, I had the most painful cramp @ 5 something in the morning. :S
Luckily my darling Rayman is there to sooth my legs. Rayman & QQ have been very wonderful throughout my pregnancy. Hehe.. I hope QQ will really like the baby once it's out since he is soooooooo looking forward to it.

Before this, I was having some headaches looking for baby carseat (0 - 4yrs old type). Some really can cost thousands. Is it really necessary to spend that much?? Really?? I finally found one at a reasonable price after scouting around Kuching. Sigh! We always have very limited choices of everything.

I haven't take my photo yet. Haha.. for memories sake. So that next time, I can look at the photo and see how I look like during pregnancy :P. I have sudden urge to shop. But sadly I can only shop for certain type of clothes. I just need to WAIT. Longing for facial and massage or spa. Pampering. Looking forward to the "long" holidays. Maybe I can blog more during confinement? Hehe....

I met one aunty while I was in the washroom waiting for my turn(ya.. of all places... the washroom). She predicts my baby to be a boy by looking at the shape of my tummy. Hehe.. this is the second same prediction given by aunties. When I told them, I scanned and the doctor says the baby's a girl, they were quiet. Heheh.... no more comments :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friendly Meoowwww in the neighbourhood

I was dropping by mom's house the other day and noticed a friendly meowwwww....
It was so friendly and not afraid of me.. that when I approached it for a close-up photo taking it still poses for me. lol

here's some eye candy from friendly meee...owwWWW

I am siamese.. and.. friendly...meeeeeooOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How un-friendly

Sis came back for a short visit with a friend last week. It's RH's first time in Kuching. So Rayman and I decided to bring them around last Saturday. We started off with breakfast at 7 mile kopitiam's then off to Semenggok Wildlife Centre. Funny, I tried to googled about Semenggok Wildlife Centre and found very little info on it. So.. on with the journey, as I myself is not really sure about the road there we followed the road sign. Finally we reached our destination.

To my surprise, we were not allowed in til about 2pm. How the 'toot' do I know that we can only go in during "normal" times.. according to the guy at the ticket booth unless we come by tourist bus. WOW!

Hellooooooooo? I got a tourist in my car and it's his first time to Kuching. No help at all. Thanks a lot.

"Come back at 2pm" said the guy. WOW... as if I'm so damn free that I can drive to 10th mile and back hor.....
Fat chance. So unfriendly.[PS. where can I complain about this matter? very gerammmmmmm]

Since we can't go in to the wildlife centre, we went to the Pitcher Plant and Orchid garden instead. All of us too occupied with taking pictures of pitcher plants.. that we forgot to take our group photos and candid shots :P
Anyway, we were feast on by loads of mosquitoes.. so gotta make the visit short. I mean loads and loads... as if they are dying of starvation and suddenly lunch is served. Attack!!

I got lots of marks on my legs...Urgh!! very very itchy. More photo uploads later... I haven't downloaded the photos from my digicam :)

Bad things aside, I've put on 3kgs..[thanks to CNY cookies, cakes and whatever food cravings I had
in 4 weeks] from my last check up. I'm now 22 weeks. Hehe... surprisingly when the doctor scan, I saw the bb yawning inside me... WOW... amazing.. haha...and I had to laughed..playback, playback :P