Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Two more months

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. Walking up the stairs.. is abit slow for me. Panting and puffing when I reach office. Quite a normal scene. Sometimes.. I feel breathless. Sometimes.. exhausted. Another two months, I will deliver this "watermelon". Haha... been carrying the "watermelon" around for quite long already. Getting heavier. Yesterday, I'm 51.3kg. Hmm... put on 0.9kg in 2 weeks. Baby's very active. On previous scan, I saw the bb moving it's fingers.. hehe... so cute.

This morning, I had the most painful cramp @ 5 something in the morning. :S
Luckily my darling Rayman is there to sooth my legs. Rayman & QQ have been very wonderful throughout my pregnancy. Hehe.. I hope QQ will really like the baby once it's out since he is soooooooo looking forward to it.

Before this, I was having some headaches looking for baby carseat (0 - 4yrs old type). Some really can cost thousands. Is it really necessary to spend that much?? Really?? I finally found one at a reasonable price after scouting around Kuching. Sigh! We always have very limited choices of everything.

I haven't take my photo yet. Haha.. for memories sake. So that next time, I can look at the photo and see how I look like during pregnancy :P. I have sudden urge to shop. But sadly I can only shop for certain type of clothes. I just need to WAIT. Longing for facial and massage or spa. Pampering. Looking forward to the "long" holidays. Maybe I can blog more during confinement? Hehe....

I met one aunty while I was in the washroom waiting for my turn(ya.. of all places... the washroom). She predicts my baby to be a boy by looking at the shape of my tummy. Hehe.. this is the second same prediction given by aunties. When I told them, I scanned and the doctor says the baby's a girl, they were quiet. Heheh.... no more comments :P

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