Thursday, March 11, 2010

How un-friendly

Sis came back for a short visit with a friend last week. It's RH's first time in Kuching. So Rayman and I decided to bring them around last Saturday. We started off with breakfast at 7 mile kopitiam's then off to Semenggok Wildlife Centre. Funny, I tried to googled about Semenggok Wildlife Centre and found very little info on it. So.. on with the journey, as I myself is not really sure about the road there we followed the road sign. Finally we reached our destination.

To my surprise, we were not allowed in til about 2pm. How the 'toot' do I know that we can only go in during "normal" times.. according to the guy at the ticket booth unless we come by tourist bus. WOW!

Hellooooooooo? I got a tourist in my car and it's his first time to Kuching. No help at all. Thanks a lot.

"Come back at 2pm" said the guy. WOW... as if I'm so damn free that I can drive to 10th mile and back hor.....
Fat chance. So unfriendly.[PS. where can I complain about this matter? very gerammmmmmm]

Since we can't go in to the wildlife centre, we went to the Pitcher Plant and Orchid garden instead. All of us too occupied with taking pictures of pitcher plants.. that we forgot to take our group photos and candid shots :P
Anyway, we were feast on by loads of mosquitoes.. so gotta make the visit short. I mean loads and loads... as if they are dying of starvation and suddenly lunch is served. Attack!!

I got lots of marks on my legs...Urgh!! very very itchy. More photo uploads later... I haven't downloaded the photos from my digicam :)

Bad things aside, I've put on 3kgs..[thanks to CNY cookies, cakes and whatever food cravings I had
in 4 weeks] from my last check up. I'm now 22 weeks. Hehe... surprisingly when the doctor scan, I saw the bb yawning inside me... WOW... amazing.. haha...and I had to laughed..playback, playback :P

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