Monday, May 17, 2010

Nesting instinct?

I believe my "nesting" instinct starts to kick in since last week. But last week I was quite sick, down with running nose and fever. I do not feel the heat from fever though.. quite unusual. I'm now 32 weeks pregnant. Any time now.. if the bb decides to come out early and say Helloo......

Got a few things done during the weekend. Especially checking my baby stuff inventory. Bought a baby car seat @ a good price and I couldn't resist buying a pair of baby girl suit (since the doctor mention it's a baby girl).
All the girlie stuff looked so cute. OK.. I need to prioritised what I'm suppose to buy... not to be carried away with those cute stuff. There are still some more things I need to stock up.

Starting to feel more and more tired and sleepy at different times of the day that I need short naps to energise myself. I sooooooo much like a facial now.. but I can't.. since I can't lie straight for at least an hour. So... for now I have to DIY pampering. Hmmmm.....still two more months to go? Counting down about 55 more days to go.

I'm excited about tomorrow's follow up. I will get a chance to see my baby again through ultrasound. I've started to talk to the baby about daily life.. what we are doing.. etc etc... softly of course... sometimes.. I seemed like I'm talking to myself but I'm actually talking to the baby. I do that at home.. out loud :P but not in office or anywhere public :P There I go.. starting zzzz again.....

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