Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Kitties

Few days after Chinese New Year.. Ah Long left us. I felt so bad shoo-ing it from the carpet the day before. It was found dead at the drain in front of my house.It was sick and old. It died peacefully from the look of its face. Sniff sniff. After Ah Long left, I felt empty. Usually it will greet us every now and then and we would play with it. Ah Long was a very good tempered and good natured cat. It seldom pick a fight with other cats.

RayMan and I decided to adopt some new kitties.. to mend our hearts.. We picked the cats which has more or less the same character as Ah Long. Yes.. we miss it very much.

Introducing.. Ah Mi the youngest cat, quite a menace at first but cute..

Ah Roo here scared of anything and everything. But now it's getting more and more fierce and learning to defend itself. Blossoming into young adult cat.. hormones are working..

Group photo hehe...do they look like brothers? Ah Roo more yellowish grey.. and Ah Mi.. whiter grey


sunnygirl said...

Do they really sleep together that way...

joey said...

haha.. not all the time