Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Road Trip to Sibu

It's been a long time since I went back to Sibu. Lots of things have changed. I noticed that the roads are flooding most of the time which is a sad thing. It seems the drainage is having problems.

Stopping by for lunch at Sarikei.. ordered mi sua.. I missed the mi sua.. really really ho chiak.

Delta Mall.. alot of vacant shoplots..

Cafe Cafe hottest hang out.. first of its kind in Sibu.. hehe..

Choc sandwich

choc mint cheeze cake...yummy

Medium size basket of fries... wah.. really alot

Meet Nancy hahaha...St Bernard


ColinJong said...

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ColinJong said...

Just now I wanted to ask you about the mi sua but was distracted by the spam comment.

Is it easy to find vegeterian food in Sibu and Sarikei?

Let me introduce this to you if you visit Ipoh. (http://colinjong.com/2008/03/17/ipoh-vegeterian-sushi/)

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