Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zhng My House

I guess the title of this entry explains a lot why I've been "missing" hehe.
I takes alot of work and planning to zhng my house. I'm doing it room by room. All DIY. Finished painting my living room with two colours combined. I'm really proud that RayMan and I did the colour selection by ourselves this time. We were abit disappointed that we were suppose to ask people to paint but we DIY eventually cause the guy keep delaying it. Rearranging the furnitures and getting rid of some old furnitures. Mix and Match. I'm proud that RayMan and I are doing it all by ourselves. We did our on research and all that. I love the outcome of our result. Still it's not completed yet. Still alot of work to do :)

Nowadays the weather in Kuching is super HOT. Can feel hot air most of the time.>.< I was down with sore throat last week. Now getting better after drinking lemon+water & lots of water. I refused to take medicine from the doctor. I never like medicine.

Will be going to KL next week for my long awaited shopping & relaxing trip. Maybe I will blog more after that. :D

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