Tuesday, January 01, 2008


With the no. 8, 2008 is deemed to be an auspicious year. It's funny.. I feel that I'm still in 2007. Usually with a new year, people will plan what they want to do. I did have some plans. I hope it will work out. I plan to start doing investments. I did some investments in the past but it's sort of an On and Off thing. Never really consistent. I've done some research/readings and found that, to benefit from the investments, one must always be in the market. Which means, one must never stop investing in order to get more satisfying results.

I do have some fears for 2008. I think most of us do fear that as well but there's nothing we can do about it. The increase of petrol price. This will channel a chain reaction which causes everything else to increase in price. I got a shock the other day, I ordered a Milo kosong (small) and it costs me RM1.30. OMG! I guess all of us will have to cope with the increasing cost of living every year.

Sorry, to dampen everyone's spirit.. all the same old saying.. Happy New Year.. Stay healthy...

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