Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bags & Dark Circles

I hate to admit it but I started to notice I have eye bags and dark eye circles.. due to lack of sleep and also burning midnight oil during my "younger" days. It's the sleeping debts I can't finish repaying :( SHeezh.. I keep sneezing..air con blowing right at me..typing in the dark.. Excuse me! Where was I.. oh ya.. the bags..

When I went to Singapore.. I tend to notice it appears on most of the photos I took.. :( Then.. I vow to look for some cream to "repair" or minimise the effect. Most people I know recommended Bio-Essence. There are Silver & Gold coloured, I'm still not sure what's the difference. Recommended usage is using both alternately. I got mine as a gift with 3 packs of eye mask. I absolutely love the eye mask. I tried the mask for the first time it gave me total relaxation, WOW...cooling effect to the eye. The next day I woke up looking good with "sparkly" eye. Haha.. the name of the mask is Sparkling lift eye mask mar...The recommended usage is 2 - 3 times a week. But I don't think I can afford it.. it's too costly to do that. I haven't check out the price of the mask in Kuching yet. In Singapore, it
costs SGD24 for 1 box. Probably 5 or 6 pairs of mask per box. For the eye mask, I give it FIVE star rating.

I've only started using the essence few days ago. RayMan commented my eyes seemed to look better than before. These few nights we slept late mar.. after 12am consider late liaw...he look more panda than me hahahhaha...
I will also use him as my test subject as well :P Will see how it goes.. PS: I wanna get the 24K gold bio-essence for eyes.. :P next

Note : This is not an advertisement or sponsored entry for Bio-essence. I sort-of appointed myself as "test subject" for this product. TQ. The opinions stated are solely of my own.

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