Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One At A Time

Ya.. I know.. I should post my Singapore pics & blab about the adventure a.s.a.p. Sigh! So many things got in the way. So... I fai tee at least edit some of the photos. I think I'm gonna post in batches then. At least I did post something right? OK.. here it is.. the sexy cars..in random order

RayMan & I wanted to check out the Ikea sore in Sg so we decided to make a trip to Alexandra Ikea (there are two Ikeas in Sg, Tampines & Alexandra). We took MRT to the nearest station. At first we wanted to take a bus there but then RayMan suggested to try and walk (the truth is we were not sure which buses can get us there, we figure with street directory map we won't get lost by walking right?). I'm glad we walked, if not we would not have feast our eyes on those gorgeous cars *drooling*

The common Vios

A Subaru model which we sometimes get to see in Kuching

This photo looks like as if I got it from a mag but no, the car is real and it was stationed on the "stage" for display.

Was very tempted to pose by this baby but afraid I might trigger the alarm..so.. forget it

The infamous Mazda 3.. too bad I can't get a better view

Subaru Legacy display at Orchard

Mitsubishi Lancer.. never fails to amaze me

The Fords

Audi convertible Front view

The back side :P

The well-known Honda Civic

Erm.. this ferrari is taken at JW Marriot, Orchard :P

Drool kaw boi? Time for me to zzz liaw..

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