Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm gonna Miss U

Day after day passed. I haven't done my packing yet. I'm off to SG with RayMan soon. I've already started to miss QQ:( I feel abit guilty for not bringing QQ this time. Had quite an experience with the last KL trip (food poisoning, "run and catch game"). Very tiring trip indeed. QQ seems very energetic all the time. For me.. feeling the aging process, lau lang kay cannot run as fast as him.

This trip is kinda last min. Since RayMan's KL trip is cancelled so y not go for SG xmas trip. I need to relax for awhile. Looks like this year my birthday "celebration" will be in SG.. wooo hoooo....!!!

* Hmks * Sniff! QQ got fever this morning. Brought him to the doctor... his fever was 39.5 degrees..wow.. doc had to "shove" the med up his butt. Ouch!! I can't help him coz it's for his own good. Half way thru.. he said.. "hen tong ar..." (very painful) :( I can't do anything to ease his pain :( :( Day after tomorrow I will be off to the land where the lions roar...hope he is better by then..

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