Monday, December 10, 2007

Bloggers Meet

Venue : Tao cafe, Padungan Road
Time : 2:30pm - 5pm

It's my first time going to a Blogger's meet. It's fabulous. When I was walking across the road towards Tao.. it seems quiet.. Behind the it's packed with bloggers man! It's a Blast!

Irene (Tao director) sponsored the whole event.. wow.. it's really generous of her. She's really friendly. People organizing the event was doing great. Was there with N. There were some games playing.. but I was too "lazy" to join :P Just wanna sit around.. enjoying the atmosphere. There is still some level of shyness in me.. after all I don't know many of them there.. look familiar.. but.. don't really know who is who :P I'm just a small prawn :D Got to meet Gette and Alex though. Fun and friendly people :)

Some photos here..

Freebies.. from STM, Thanks alot, Alex!

Me & N

Tao's staff making drinks for bloggers..

Alex & Aimi

Me & N

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