Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Attempt No. 3!

I wanna watch Spidey 3. This is my third attempt to go. Previously :-

Attempt No. 1 - Showing at 7:30pm
Not knowing the show is two and a half hours. Not prepared so call off the idea.

Attempt No. 2
Thought it's showing at 7:30pm and prepared to sit two and a half hours. Damn! Show is showing at 6pm and 8pm. Alang alang one the time... cancel again.

Attempt No. 3
Check newspaper earlier shows are @ 7pm, 8:15pm. I think I'll target the 8:15pm one. RayMan going jogging later. Hopefully we can make it to the show. Have to bring QQ along too. He luvs Spidey.I need to think of something to keep him still or quiet.. when there's no spiderman scenes.. coz he's only interested when there's spiderman. Well. there's food.. or drink or.. hmm.. what else...

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