Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not Two But Three!!

"There're three tooths that need filling. Luckily you bring him in earlier.. otherwise we might have to extract one of the tooth." *Gulp* My greatest fear is going to the dentist. If possible, I do NOT want to visit the dentist.

QQ complained pain for two nights continuously so I had to bring him in. Watched him go through filling and all that. The sound of the filling process... um... makes my knees weak. I thought he would be scared of the dentist.

Before going to see the dentist, I have to sort of "brainwash" him abit. I told QQ, "Later on, dentist will check your teeth so you have to open your mouth very wide OK? Don't be scared. "

QQ : OK!

He fell asleep in the car on the way to see the dentist. When we arrived.. he woke up. First timer to the dentist he doesn't seem to be afraid. He take his seat in front of the dentist and open his mouth as instructed. Looks like the "brainwash" worked. heheh..

He didn't resist or cry. Seemed some what calm. The dentist gave him some stickers as he's so cooperative.
After we are done at the dentist :-

Me : Are you scared just now?
Me : Does it hurt?
QQ : NO....Suang!!

Me & RayMan : ???? !!!!

Suang? Getting tooth filling is suang??? I can't believe what he said. There must be some mistake!! SUANG????

QQ's reward after the dentist.. watch Spidey 3!!

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