Tuesday, May 08, 2007


When a new project comes along, I get all excited.. can't wait to get it started. The ball started rolling and everyone worked really hard to meet the datelines. Even work on weekends to get it done.

"No. That's not what we want. It's not detail enough!!" Complaints mostly from customer. I remembered clearly it was last August that our schedule was put on hold and everything was just thrown back at us. We were shooed away. Alright.. back to square 1.We gotta to do the process all over again. Frustrating.

Recently, as scheduled, we are suppose to roll it out but it was rejected once again. More and more excuses given. Due to lack of documentation and proof, we were not able to answer or fight back. Most of my team mates are getting restless and so am I. De-motivated. All these while we work for nothing. And so, we were assigned to document all the facts we had gathered in the past to be presented again.

I know.. deep down inside.. a voice keep telling me.. the project is gonna be terminated. Most of my team mates also feel the same. What to do.. what to do.. work still needs to be done. Even though, I know it's not going to be accepted. Over and over again.. I looked at the diagrams.. starring hard at them. Trying to describe each process in detail. Hopefully we will get to know the project's fate soon. The dragging is killing me :(

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