Friday, January 12, 2007

Gu Gu Ga Ga over 1,000,000 Free Seats From Air Asia

I think everyone has absolutely gone cuckoo over the 1,000,000 seats offered by Air Asia.

The kiasu me also booked the ticket as soon as it is available. The room was like ticketing clerks shouting over the times and flights available.

I planned to go Singapore & KL this year but looks like my budget can only allow me to go either 1 at the moment. So I picked KL. Singapore can wait.... :(

I haven't been to Singapore for quite some time. Still remembered I visited the zoo. I don't know why I went to the zoo the last time I was there... I'm more interested in shopping. So KL here I come... la la la la la la. This time I will be bringing QQ along. Hopefully he won't drain all my energy. He's a well-known "energy drainer". He's too energetic for me. I can't keep up all the time. Very tiring. QQ turning 3 years old tomorrow. Yay! Happy Birthday QQ!

Windy Gal is also celebrating her birthday tomorrow. So Happy Birthday to Windy Gal as well. Be happy always...xx

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