Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Broken Seat

Went to watch The Guardian last nite. Ashton Kutcher is hot!! Storyline not bad.

Brought QQ along to watch the movie. QQ amazed with the flying helicopters, ships and swimming scenes. Talking scenes bored him. Keep asking his dad "When they gonna swim again??" Tried to keep QQ quiet so that everyone can enjoy the movie.. once in a while.. he talks.. . Half way thru the movie someone's damn phone rang. It sounded like a school bell that I thought it was some alarm... shocked me

Then three guys sitting in front of us, one of the seat broke and the guy fell. Praakkkk! Very loud. His friends laughed at him. It was kinda loud. I think the guy was quite embarassed. Ah well, shit happens. The movie was quite long, about two hours. QQ was getting restless in the end. I'm glad when the movie ended. Can "drag" him out of the cinema.

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