Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anything Can Happen

As we walk through life, we are bound to hit some problems along the way. How do we tackle it? It's frustrating to think about it but still we have to face the problem/facts of life. The time will come when one think of a solution to this problem.

And so I have learned, these two days of training at a reknown insurance company. Life is full of risks. It's better to have insurance than to need it when shit happens and you can't have it anymore. Sorry about the lecture hehe...I'm in learning mode now. It's interesting to know what insurance policy covers. Now that I know Life insurance alone does not cover accidents or illness unless it's included with Personal Accident and Critical Illness plan. It only pays when you tong tong chiang. That's bad. If shit happens and one didn't die, one still didn't get any money. I haven't try selling any yet. Hmmph.. once people hear you sell insurance they will siam far far away hahahhaha.

Hehe.. enough talk about insurance. CNY is coming soon. I wonder how's the celebration this year. Nowadays the economy is not good. Most probably will be moderate celebration. I didn't see alot of ppl doing shopping. Not in CNY mood yet.

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