Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ushering 2007

Happy New Year.... 2007!!

Didn't make any resolutions. Plain lazy! :P

Time passes really fast... another year. For the last working day of the year, some of us decided to
enjoy ourselves. We started with breakfast. Somehow, we are destined to meet Mr. Very Educated. I don't know why we chose that table. Mr. Very Educated sat down as soon as he saw us sitting down. Mr. Very Educated hails from 7 1/2 Mile Mental Hospital and freely roams around the city. He speaks with an American slang. Obviously he's been studying overseas. Clad in shorts and Polo shirt. He looks like retired uncle. According to him, the table that we sat is his favourite place. Hmmmm... I didn't know why we still sat at the same table where he sat. I didn't know he's from the Sane Hospital. Some of my comrades moved to the next table. Stan was the first one Mr. Very Educated interviewed.

Mr. Very Educated : Can you tell me the relationship between Heaven and Earth in your working point of view?
Stan: Err....I gotta go order my breakfast... (leaves the table... and sat at the other table later on)

Fing was the next target of the interview.

Mr. Very Educated : Can you explain to me what's a computer virus?

Most of us getting irritated with Mr. Very Educated blabbering non-stop. I tried to finish my kolo bi hun fast. Can't wait to get out of there. Iveon who finished her
kolo mee first, tried to negotiate with Mr. Very Educated to stop bothering us. It seems that it provoke him more... sigh! All of us ate breakfast in silence. All of us looking forward to a fun breakfast turns into quiet. Usually we are very noisy and laughing non-stop. What to do? We picked the wrong table to sit.

We've decided to cheer ourselves up with a chill out session at CoffeeBean.

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