Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Bra Strap Mystery

Madame : Did you loose something personal?

Me : Erm... I don't think so (in my mind I'm thinking what the hell is something personal? Is it sanitary pad? or some personal letters/docs?)

Few minutes later I saw Madame came into the room. Whispered something to the colleague next to me. Then both of them burst out in laughter. I didn't catch the whole sentence so I thought that someone found a sanitary pad at the walkpath upstairs. It turns out someone accidentaly loose a bra strap in one of the washroom. Ooppps..this is really embarassing situation for girls. So we started asking around who is missing one bra strap. Didn't manage to crack the mystery as lunch comes along so I went out lunch with the "laughing gang". Why laughing gang? Cause throughout lunch it's just laughing most of the time.

Well, we did make some assumptions or probably some suggestions of how to solve the mystery or even named the suspect . Iveon did suggest to the guys to "bio" those people with breast sagging one side. Hmm.. not a good idea.. they might get slapped or even....hahahaha... I don't wanna mention it here . Some even suggested there might be hanky panky stuff going on in the washroom earlier.. Hmm.. quite impossible hehe.. Those are only theories.

But in the end, the mystery is solved. Anyway, I don't wanna mention any names here hehe. All in a day's work eh? It some how "brightens" up the dull daily work routine .

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