Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Sixth

I can't sleep. My inspiration is bothering me. Few days ago I wasn't in the mood to blog at all. Don't know why. I always feel tired and blue.. NOpe.. I'm not pregnant OK. Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. Wanted to post some of my wedding pics here :P

In evening wear. Gosh.. my arms looked slimmer here

I love this gown. Notice the criss-cross back?

See? Toothpaste advertisement all the way? Spent one whole day to take those pics. I was really exhausted at the end. We didn't manage to capture the sunset moments but we used the hazy weather as a backdrop in which looked like we were at high country some where. The night scene wasn't so clear though. I had alot of fun during photo taking and my jaw aches cause I smiled too much.

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