Thursday, October 26, 2006

DIY - Home Improvement Project

Been busy this week with my home improvement project . Didn't go visiting during Raya hols.. doing house painting and cleaning. Finally, we finished painting the front exterior of the house. Very satisfied with the colours chosen.
. Paint used : ICI Dulux Weathershield. Colour : Vintasik Brown and Pebbles. Which made the house look new and solid. Thanks to Steve (RayMan's bro) as our personal consultant . Still a long way to go. Need to work on the back part of the house.. then the doors, windows and interior also need to be painted. All DIY which really cost saving. The paint itself already cost a whooping RM110 per tin (5 litres). Altogether for exterior and interior the paint will cost 1k+. This is a "big" project which I'm self-appointed project manager

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