Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomato Fried Egg, Curry.. what next?

hehehe..been craving for this and that food. Tonight I'm gonna cook my own version of curry. Just now when I was buying some things from the grocery shop, I saw cashew nuts... struck me... I started to visualise it... mouth watering baked cashews... mmmm.... can't help it. But I can only wait til mom bakes them.. then only I could eat. haha.. I figure I could spend $ just to satisfy my food cravings.. gosh...then there's keropok. I haven't fry them yet..I want more and more and more.. muaahahhahahaa.. but still.. I gotta control my diet..lets hope I don't pile on lots of kgs during CNY. *fingers crossed*

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Been "fringing" lately. Last night I came across one episode which I couldn't understand. Agent Francis. I thought he was supposed to be dead in one of the episodes in Season 2. Last night he suddenly appeared in one episodes... I thought I was dreaming. Gosh.. what's wrong??! Anyway... maybe later they would have an explaination about his sudden appearance, I hope.

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