Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh my....

Having headache right now. It's Monday blues... the headache started yesterday. I didn't know why. Then it had to get worse while I was watching Avatar... damn... I thought it would get better this morning after a night's rest but it seems that it doesn't go away... helllppppppp. Also, since yesterday I started to have less appetite.Sigh! I'm getting slimmer each day. My son's art teacher commented I slimmed down very obviously. Ya.. I do noticed that.. my face shape change.. sharper at the chin and my arms... slim and slender(which I like) then..I'm 44kg the last time I weigh myself. I do hope I didn't loose some more... it's kinda torturing not being able to eat as you like. Only small portions at a time and gets hungry in short period... :(

headache.. please go away soon...for now I will try to rest more and listen to music.

I've been looking for Jacky Cheung's old songs. Suddenly feels sentimental haha... dunno why.. is it the hormones? Then I have cravings for "Lek Tau Suan", "Yew Cha Kueh", "Tau fu fah" & "Keropok". I know Chinese New Year is not here yet.. but I am so tempted to fry those keropoks and eat it all myself.. muahahahhahaha.. of course I can't do that.. due to health.. darn... It's too heaty and now I have this headache. Ugh!

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