Thursday, January 08, 2009


First of all Happy New Year 2009!! New year, new beginning. I think I'm still in 2008. At least my thoughts are. Time passed really fast.. I'm still coping with the beginning of 2009. Keep telling myself everyday.. now is 2009 not 2008 and Chinese New Year is coming in two weeks time. I listed out the things to do.. wow.. I thought there's nothing much to do... Now the time seems not enough. Sigh!

Then, it's time to dress up again. Annual Dinner theme = Tropical Night. Maybe I'll just follow half the dress code :P
After all it's not that strict ;) Don't want to ruin my evening by worrying too much on the dress code. The year started out busy, a lot of tasks to do at work and at home. Coping with QQ going to new school. I'm surprised that he's very excited to go to the new kindy. That minus one of my worries hehehe. Well, we'll see how this year goes.. More entries to come later. ta ta

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Gallivanter said...

Happy New Year!