Sunday, December 21, 2008

Negative Vibes & Me

I've been getting some negative vibes lately.. I'm wondering what's wrong with me. Is it due to stress? Overwork? Think too much? Or the financial meltdown is getting to me. I feel that I'm loosing touch with friends or is it I'm thinking too much? Well.. I have no idea. It could be due to mild depression? Or it's year end and it had been raining almost everyday and it's getting to me? Giving me cold feet. Or it's the hormones? I know once in a while.. a girl will get some kind of depression due to the time of the month.. I tried not to think so much. I guess things must have been abit crazy lately with all the work and personal stuff coming at once.. maybe it's been hard for me to digest everything at once. I don't know. Sometimes.. I feel that I'm losing myself and I don't know who I am anymore. Am I really that kind of person? Maybe I need time to be alone to find myself? Hmmmm...due to that.. I did some damage to my "wallet". Maybe I wanted to cover the emptiness that I'm feeling or whatever it is bothering me.. :(

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Gallivanter said...

Time for a holiday! :-)