Friday, September 05, 2008

Work & Work

Things had been real crazy lately. Rush... rush.. rush.. OT.. OT.. OT.. then holiday.. whoopie... then back to work again. Sigh! Neverending routine.

Last few weeks had been hectic at work and then the depression kicks in... bit by bit.. now I'm up up up...
Today's Friday already.. more work ahead... work, work, work....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now's September... my... so fast. Three more months to go for 2009... Another year passed...

This morning I nearly had a heart attack... There's a review at customer's site and my supervisor.. called in sick...
I just been taking over the job.. and was not so familiar with the customer as well as the business flow of the job.. well.. I had to "bluff" my way thru... PHew.. Phew.. Phew.. now I can breathe normally.. Luckily the customers are not the "SHooter" type.. One of them even "saved" me from answering a very difficult question hehehe..... Alleluia...:P

Foresee more work to be done.. -_-||

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