Monday, September 08, 2008

A Day Off...

I'm so happy to have a day off from being a bbsitter... QQ was more than happy to go to the babysitter well.. what more can I say. I just need some time alone by myself... and do the things I want to do.. refreshing myself..

Went to Boulevard with RayMan on Saturday night... shopping.. then checking out the family dipping pool... I like it very much after I saw it.. QQ will love it too.. although I can't tell him.. if I plan to bring him there.. otherwise.. he will.. keep pestering me until he gets there :S

I just found out.. there's an increase in price for both of my favourite Mags.. CLEO and Women's Weekly.. I can't believe it. I haven't check out the price at Popular yet.. as it's not available. Sigh.. this also increase...

Had brunch with mom and dad.. something which I had not done for a long long time.. funny all of a sudden I feel like I'm single again.. like when I'm in secondary school.. always following parents for brunch/breakfast, etc... It's a funny feeling.. just sit there.. drink/eat.. talk..

Then, there some mixed emotions... about dad's little operation..just have to wait and see. He isn't revealing much info about it. So.. will just have to wait and see as it progresses.

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