Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wealth Planning

I've been thinking. How to make $$ grow? How to create own wealth? When I was in confinement, my sis gave me a book entitled "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I read half the book then stopped. Now I feel like reading it again.

It's not easy to get more income if you only depend on your hard earn fixed salary every month. I think it's wise to invest in something, ie. unit trust, stock or forex trading. I'm still in the mist of studying all these before I put it into action. I think earning FD interest in the bank is not enough. Many of us does not prepare a retirement fund for ourselves. Most people think that their children will support them next time. But now, in the 21st century, I think it's hard for children to survive what more to say support their parents? I think it would be wise to prepare a retirement fund for ourselves. EPF alone is not enough. Some study shows that EPF can only last 10 years or maybe less. Maybe due to inflation, by the time I retire, it's not enough to cover my expenses for the next 10 years even. I must start planning now while I still can "print" $$.

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