Friday, September 14, 2007

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Don't blame me
For being lazy
Coz I've been tired
By the time I got home

Doesn't rhyme does it? That explains Y I didn't blog much this week. Laziness swept me off my feet.
Gotta get my mojo going. QQ drain too much of my energy. Well... can't please everyone mar...

Anyone went to buy ASW2020? Heard that still a lot of units left after the launch on 12th Sept. I was tempted to go buy but then again... hmm.. is this the choice of investment I want? Coz after opening an account there's no way of closing it.. unless that is.. if that person Tong Tel (passed away) and have to maintain at least a balance of RM100 in the account. Have to think twice about that. No pain no gain eh?

Plan to study some ways to create wealth or how to let your money grow by itself? Am I crazy? Will update some more soon.. Gotta ciao for now..

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