Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jie Jie Or Aunty?

My usual night out to buy flowers....

Flower lady : Kamu Jie Jie atau Aunty? ( Are you Jie Jie Or Aunty?)

Me : Err... apa maksud Jie Jie atau Aunty? ( What does it mean Jie Jie or Aunty?)

Flower lady : Oh.. Jie Jie belum kahwin lar.. Aunty sudah kahwin. (Jie Jie - Single, Aunty - Married)

Me : O...(nodded.thinking what to answer. I know I belong to Aunty category ok.. but still reluctant to call myself Aunty lar)Aunty. (kick myself.hate to admit myself as Aunty )

Flower lady : Oh... saya fikir Jie Jie. Nampak macam Jie Jie (I thought Jie Jie. Still look like Jie Jie)

Gave her one of my signature smile, waved goodbye to the flower lady and left.

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