Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Apple Gurl

Tagged along with N to get her Macbook last Sunday. Well...was kinda excited as well. I can't help taking photos of her when she opened the box haha... the espression on her face :D

N's new toy

The people at the shop are very friendly. It took a while for them to demo the amazing features of the Macbook. It even had an alarm like a car that goes Beep! Beep! when you activate it. Very cool!

Staff : Did you bring a bodyguard?

N : Neh....(pointing at me) she's abit small size but can do.

Hahha.. after that we are off to Bing! to test out the wi fi.

Ice blended mocha (left), Ice blended tiramisu..(right) yummy

Testing out the wi fi..

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