Thursday, July 12, 2007

Down With Flu

Not enough sleep + drink not enough water + sleep with air-con = Tyramizu blocked nose + flu.

Got abit chilly (huat leng) feeling last night. Thought I was gonna get fever but when I woke up this morning. Feel OK just abit tired with blocked nose *sniff* . Have to keep reminding myself to drink MORE water and sleep EARLIER (but I think it's quite impossible as I tend to surf till quite late..hmm.. unless that is I don't surf? Drink more water = go to toilet more often) Ahhh.... decide later ar..Feel crappy when I woke up this morning. Don't wanna go to work.. but went to work anyway.

QQ also overslept. Got cranky when I try to wake him up. RayMan also didn't really sleep well last few nights. He is in KL for training right now. Me.. flu + blocked nose + luv sick :P. RayMan = 70% Home sick. Can't wait for him to come home on Saturday. Soon.. soon... counting down the days...

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