Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Annual Dinner 2007 Photos

Company Annual Dinner 2007 last Tuesday, 17th July 2007 held at Crown Plaza (previously known as Riverside Majestic) Hotel.

Full shot before going to dinner. I regret I didn't put on heels.. had to display my kaki ayam .

Just after getting my makeup & hair done. Close up shot

Me & Celia

Cleve(a.k.a Jack Sparrow), Me, Rowena & Rodney

ML & GieGie

LK, Celia & Me

Janet & Me

Me, Celia & Ivy

The first dish. I didn't managed to photograph the rest. Too busy eating & chatting + very hungry .
These are the photos I have at the moment. I'm still collecting photos of the dinner from my other fellow colleagues. More photos after this.


Gallivanter said...

So you were barefeet during the dinner? :-P

joey said...

No, I wasn't barefooted during dinner :D. I wore heels :P