Monday, June 25, 2007

Plain Laziness

Blame it on the laziness that got over me that I'm lazy to update my blog :P even over the weekend. Here's an update:-

Few days ago.. I went to see the doctor. Got headache.. probably due to sleepless nights. Kinda got insommia for the past weeks, don't know why. Probably been thinking too much.
I can't be worrying about "everyone" so much. So, I decided to let go a few things. Stop worrying about the "kid" that won't grow up. Let go.. let go.. take deep breaths...

I visited the doctor whom I've not seen for quite some time. I'm surprised that there's a "transformation" at his office hehe. At first, I was greeted by this clinic assistant. Wow!Her nails are purple. Quite a striking colour. And her attire is totally different from the old office wear (she's in the fifties). A sudden change I would say from formal to abit of casual attire. Hiaks hiaks. She reminds me of the salesgirl in Blade 3 movie except that she don't have dark colour eyeshadow , red lipstick and some punk accessories.

I was the only one at the clinic so the clinic assistant usher me right away to the doctor's consultation room. As I entered the room, the doctor was watching some news (via satellite dish). I see that he had a 29inch Flat screen TV & DVD player.. hmm.... so that's what the doctor do when he's free. Hiaks hiaks. I did told the doctor about my sleepness nights. He said, "I wouldn't recommend you those pills. Later you will become addicted to them." Ah.. so.. I guess it's better not to take them too. To solve this problem, I had to let go.. don't think so much.. and I think I've been doing fine these few nights.. Yay!

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