Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Got Bumped!

My baby (Waja) got "bumped" by a Gen2 this morning. It's not very serious but still there's a tear from the old wound. The Gen2 driver tried to hit and run. He signaled Rayman to meet at the front. Saying he is sending his wife to work. But it looks more like he wanna run from it so Rayman followed him. In the end he said he will pay for the damages but all repairs must be done at his workshop.

Rayman followed him to his so-called workshop which is more like residential area (kampung) and it doesn't look like an Auto-spraying workshop. "Just come back anytime to leave your car here and we will repair it." The Gen2 driver refused to give an estimated price so it's quite a difficult situation here. I would not want my baby to sit in that so-called "workshop". I rather pay for the repairs. So, Rayman asked Gen2 driver to pay RM100 and we will send it for repair somewhere else. He agreed but said he can only pay next week. Darn.. there's a trick some where. What more can Rayman do but agree. Tired of calling here and there already. So troublesome.
If I were there with Rayman I don't think I will let the guy go so easily.. I will get his IC and some more details. But then again... it's in the past already. It's just a small misfortune anyway. Sometimes.. can't be too rigid.. even though we loose.. but we gain some in other ways. Most important thing... no one is hurt.

Looks like it's time to change a new hump for my baby.

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