Monday, February 26, 2007

Del's Kitchen

Somewhere in the heart of RH Plaza Del's Kitchen is now open. I regret that I did not have my digicam with me at that time so I had to use my handphone's camera. I luv the food. It's nice. Some yummies I managed to snap.

Nescafe tarik.. just to "waken" me from lazy Sunday morning.

Chicken lasagne with toast.

Fries.. (my favourite)

The laksa looks HOT...

Scrambled eggs with toast... yummy. Too bad the breakfast set only available from 8am - 1130am.

Catching up with my gal frens and at the same time enjoying the food... mmmm..... Wanna go back there again next month for another gal frens catch up session & nice food. Couldn't resist.. my aunty already said I put on weight :( but still I wanna eat hehe.

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