Thursday, December 14, 2006

Roaches In My Keyboard

Just recovered from gastric. Back to work as usual.

Noticed something twitching in my keyboard. Eeeeks! Ka Chai ar...I shook the keyboard hoping Siu Keong will drop out from the keyboard. Instead, I found more of them in the keyboard... I hate roaches!

Cloud : Why your place always have Siu Keong? You breed roaches is it?
Me : I don't know (frustrated)

Robinhood helped me to try and shake the roaches out from my keyboard.. Ugh! Two fell out from the keyboard.

Robinhood : There are still some more in there.


Robinhood saved the day.. brought the keyboard to my other fellow colleague who used a clever invention named vacumm cleaner to banish roaches from my keyboard.. Yay! I hope they won't come back and breed there. I'm having phobia of them suddenly creeping to my fingers while I'm typing.. YUCK YUCK!

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