Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hitting The Big 3!

The day has finally come where I'm finally 3....I can't bring myself to say it. Sigh!

Getting another year older means..... more wrinkles, more mature? Hmmm...
Well, received 3 sms in a row this morning.. reminding me that I'm a year older haha..

I was kind of reluctant to let the rest of the people know when is the exact date but then.. what the hell! Haha!
It's not really a secret anyway :P It's already here. I pampered myself with rich creamy cheese cake from Tom's (will post the pic up when I have them :P) Creamy till you need a wall to lean on after you take a bite eh tiaw piak!! Melts in your mouth! Melts in your heart too! Yum Yum.

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