Monday, October 09, 2006

Breast Obsessed?

"Myth No.2 - Men are breast obsessed. The centerfold of men's magazines make it clear: The bigger a woman's bust, the stronger a man's lust. True? Not really. 'I think there is a huge interest in breast,' says Zilbergelt, 'but I don't think it's necessarily an interest in large breasts.' Indeed, male indifference to female endowment was confirmed in a study reported in The Archives of Sexual Behaviour, in which a group of young men rated front-view line drawings of female physiques for attractiveness. The results: Ratings were unaffected by breast size.

Evidence also suggests that while flaunting cleavage may encourage leers and whistles, it may discourage more meaningful attention. Researchers at Louisiana State University Medical Center asked men to rate female models, dressed in clothing of varying skimpiness, on their appeal as dating, sexual and marital partners. Accentuating the body, the researchers found, upped a woman's appeal as sexual partner but lowered her appeal as a potential wife.

'Men tend to be visually oriented, and breasts are a visual cue that inspires sexual fantasies,' notes psychologist Stuart Fischoff. But they are just one among many. A pair of shapely legs, a trim derriere or a thick mane of hair are still effective arousal triggers because, like breasts, they accentuate the differences that exist between men and women."
[extracted from Cleo Magazine April 2006 Issue - 10 Myths about Modern Men]

A very interesting article . Is this the fact?
I once heard from a friend that men in their twenties to thirties will look straight at breasts while after the forties and above will "scan" from top to bottom . How true is that? I really have no idea. But it gives me the creeps if a guy stare from top to bottom and vice versa.
Put it this way, if a girl stare at a guy that way... what would a guy think? Will they also get goose bumps? Hehe.

What's with men and women's breasts? Does it mean that the bigger they are the better? For women, I think some would like to have those "heavenly" breasts but those who have it think they are nuisance. It's difficult enough to find clothes and the breasts will get more attention than the actual person in there. Does the breasts triggers lust in men? I guess that's what the Playboy magazine does *lol*


Anonymous said...

I believe it's true to majority. Having said that, most guys will first look at the face before they would have interest to look at the breast. haha...
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Anonymous said...

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bappy said...

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fucker said...

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Cloud-Strife said...

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