Thursday, September 28, 2006

When Boy Meets Girl

Stacie just started working. That's when she met Tom. Tom is a manager of a reknown company. Tom looks like a very sensible guy, gentle and an eligible bachelor. Stacie thinks, why not give it a try.

After some period of dating...Stacie found out that Tom's been acting very weird. [I think after a certain period of time in pak-to-ing, guys/girls will reveal their true self a.k.a belang]

Tom started to comment on Stacie's appearance that why do she buy "cheap" clothes (just because she dressed too casually), about her skin and her body size. He even go to the extend of controlling her food intake when she went to his house during Chinese New Year. "No food for you! Those cookies are fattening!" Stacie said nothing and just kept quiet.

Stacie was really sad about his harsh words towards her appearance. She didn't know who to turn to and had to keep it all in her heart. She couldn't tell her friends as they won't believe that Tom is that kind of person. In front of her friends, he is known as the most eligible bachelor and Mr. Nice Guy type of person. Most girls would "kill" to be in Stacie's shoes. So how can this be? Her self-esteem is getting lower and lower each time Tom criticises her.

In the end, Tom decided to break off their relationship. He thinks that Stacie cannot meet up to his expectations. This shattered Stacie's heart to pieces. It took her several years to stand up and regain her confidence. She spent years researching what had gone wrong in their relationship and then she realised that it wasn't her fault at all. Tom had put it in such a way that it's mostly her fault that they broke up.

Appearance can be deceiving. It's quite hard for people to put aside appearance and look for inner beauty. Sadly, this is the fact.

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