Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's in my blood.Cars..cars..and cars.I don't remember when I started to like cars. Remembering names of cars.Luv sporty ones or modified ones especially.I've never been to a street car race before but wished I had.

There's a certain time where I found my "partner" in cars,who had breakfast with me every morning just to look at cars :P passing by the coffeeshops...then we would go.. oooo... wah...
or commenting on the outlook of the car..etc. We even thought of why not open up a consulting firm on how to zhng your car.Sounds silly..but don't really know if it works. If there happen to be a raging sound of sport exhaust ...we would stop talking and pay attention :P. Yea..baby..
We are just gals who are crazy about cars.

How would it be like to race? Race like there's no tomorrow. After watching Initial D, I've been wondering how would it be like to race/drift in the Akina mountains. Should be very fun.I can't wait to watch The Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift.

Til then..I will drift....in my sleep..haha..what were you thinking :P

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