Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why TyraMiZu a.k.a *Tira*Mi*Zu

TyraMiZu is actually tiramisu. My favourite cake :) Yummy!

First of all, ahem. I want to wish everyone a Ha ha happy New Year *** Woo Hoo! [trying to cheer up so that I can get OVER the new year HangOver. Ugh!]
I just hope that everyone will have a better year this year.

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Anonymous said...

Halo! Okay here I am browsing through your cake. Hm... not bad though, me, brave? hahaha... anyway Action always speaks more than Talk & Talk only. It is not a game, but ya know... there are much nicer, yummier, better plans out there than inti..... Must set some time to go to a SPA one day.... um... how bout chocolate spa(new type of therapy with everything from cocoa with its nutrients, but not edible)? wah..... nice ley? -I.S.