Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sleep Walk?

What is actually sleep walking?

Some people talk in their sleep.

Some people have funny positions when sleeping.

Some people DO things while sleeping and have no idea what theydid after they woke up.

I thought I was dreaming last night that I saw RayMan squatting by thedressing table. Then again, I was not. I saw that the dim light was unplugged from the socket. When I asked RayMan on this, he said he didn't know anything about this. Obviously, he was sleep walking and he unplugged the dim light from it's socket. Luckily he didn't get electrical shock. Phew!


sativa said...

oh gee... was this the first time?

joey said...

This happens for the first time this year. Previously
it also happen but not as serious as this time, ie. getting up and actually did something. Previously is just waking me up or sleep talk.