Monday, January 17, 2005

Red Bomb!

Has this gurl gone crazy? What is she talking about?

Hehe.. red bomb is actually a wedding invitation. There goes part of my spending $ :( but then it's for a good cause.

"What's your table number?"

I practically shouted into the usher's ear because it was too noisy. When I reached my table the noise was even more unbearable. The event of the day is shown on the projector. One lady was laughing like a maniac. I'm surprised that the guys also laughing exactly in the same manner as that lady. I had a headache listening to those laughters because they never stop till the videos were off. Phew! I'm glad that there's a moment of peace.

The dinner starts at 8pm but it's stated 6:30pm at the wedding card [as usual, Kuching time]. RayMan was way hungry already. The dishes were served fairly slow while we were entertained by amateur singers. The group consists of three girls in flashy outfits of course. RayMan commented that there should not be anymore dance moves from those girls otherwise most of the apeks [men aged thirty and above] there will be having nose-bleed :P.

Things went crazy in the middle of the dinner because the guests next to my table was playing tricks on the bride & bridegroom haha! The bride & bridegroom have to lick off the cream from their partners' mouth :D. Luckily I didn't have to do that during my wedding.

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Pat said...

Haha! That's the kind of entertainment I like!