Wednesday, January 12, 2005

First Step

I held my breath as I watched him positioned himself to stand up without support. Slowly balancing himself. OK, now he's in standing position. He put his right foot forward. Oh No! He's back to sitting position. [LOL]

"He's learning to walk! But then he's also testing his courage" said the babysitter.

It's fun watching him trying to stand up by himself without any support and then taking the first step. Then, the funny expression on his face when he failed to walk another step. :D

QQ had fever and flu. It's not serious.

"Maybe it's because he's learning to walk and also his two front teeth is about to grow" the babysitter commented.

I don't mean to be supersitious but then I have heard a lot of cases that when kids are learning how to walk or when their teeth starts to grow, they might get sick. I can't find a logical explanations on this. Anyone have an idea?

QQ is turning 1 tomorrow. He's also going for injection tomorrow if he's not having fever. Ouch!


sativa said...

Happy birthday to QQ! And I'm so happy that he's taking his first step now. Before you know it, he'll be running!

joey said...

Thanks. Yeah..he'll be running and I'll be running after him.