Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad Things Comes In Chains

Took the afternoon off from work to settle my tax thingy. Sigh!!!!!

First, my car "plop" into a big hole.. somehow didn't see there's a big hole at the side of the road.. my car got scratched... hu hu..but it's not obvious as it's the under side of the front bumper.

Next, took a number and waited at the Service Counter to check through my income tax. Now comes nightmare... waited and waited.. the queue seems to stay still. So, I figure, maybe I'll just go up to check on the e filing thingy and get my vouchers verified. Well, turns out.. I still need to go back to service counter to request to pay the tax by instalment. Asked the information counter, the lady who advised to pay the first instalment first at the payment counter which closes at 3:30pm. So DAMN early. By that time it was already 3 something. When I go to the Payment Counter, the lady mention I cannot make payment for first instalment. I need to get the Service Counter staff to printout the schedule for payment first... Urrgggggghhhhh..

So many versions. So, luckily when I went back to Service Counter my number stil in the running. The first time, my number had passed.F! When it's almost my turn, suddenly the staff at the service counter informed everyone that the system is DOWN. WTF?! RayMan was already cursing...sigh sigh sigh. Took leave for nothing.Can't even get things done. It was raining cats n dogs outside.. can't even go home. Sigh Sigh Sigh. What to do.. but sit quietly and wait for the rain to pass.

Really NOT satisfied that the system is really DOWN as indicated by the staff. As the rain slows, I noticed maybe I had hope. I went to ask a different staff at the counter. Man.. another version of advice came out. But at least this time.. I got to submit my letter. I only need to come back to pay the first payment. KNS!
The whole afternoon wasted at Inland Revenue. I was tired and dizzy going up and down different sections of the building and cannot get things done. This is the so called "efficiency". Grrrrrrrrr

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