Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gimme My Refund Already

I've always been a law abiding citizen (err.. except for zooming passed red/yellow traffic light part :P). Well, this year I have been a very good girl and I submitted my e-filing one month ahead of the due date. What did I get in return??

Well, first, I received a letter saying my refunds will be released once some investigation is conducted due to the dividend I received. OK.. nevermind. I made a call to Inland Revenue to enquire about the status of my refund a month after I received that letter.

"Oh.. your investigation had been done and cleared. Just wait for the cheque from KL" was the reply I got.

One week after that, I received a letter from Inland Revenue. At first I thought it was the cheque.. but then.. the envelope is too slim to contain a cheque. To my surprise, the letter is asking me to pay an amount of RM9x.xx for the year 2006 and the due date for payment is 2nd Oct 2007. I don't understand. I paid RM18x.xx when I received a letter from them in 2007(actually I overpaid and they added that into my PCB...grrrrr). What is this?? I heard there's some technical glitch but then.. where's my refund?? I want my refund!! Some of my colleagues who submitted the last minute got their refunds already. Why should I submit one month earlier?? Next time I won't submit so early.. This gives me the impression that it's Last IN First OUT. I thought I read it somewhere in the star that.. if you submit earlier.. you can get your refunds faster.. ar then...???? What is this?

Everyday I peek in my mailbox... no refund :((((( NOT efficient at all.


Bappy said...

you are lucky than me lo, the last time i called, they said no record in the system, they not even look at my form yet. %^$%%&#$!@#!$%#%$!!

joey said...

Sigh... submit early also no use

joey said...

hehe.. Received another letter that I will be getting my cheque within 14days..hmmm