Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uniquely..Lion's Land Part 1

Well, this is quite a late post. I might have forgotten some of the details already.

Journey starts very early in the morning as my flight is 8 something, was sleepy and hungry as I didn't sleep well the night before. That always happens when I go travelling. Probably too excited or restless. By the time I reached JB, it's already 10 something. Took a bus down to Singapor
e. Waited quite a while at the immigration point. Was really, really hungry already.. dragging my luggage along. Once we reached Ang Mo Kio.. I was ready to eat anything.

Vegetarian Tom Yam Bi hun @ Ang Mo Kio Hub

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak @ Ang Mo Kio Hub

Ready to chow already.. so weak on my knees

After lunch, we walked a bit in the Ang Mo Kio Hub. Ki
nda nice. The things are also not very pricey.

Hanging Santa deco

Next stop, Plaza Singapura. Meeting up with my sis there.

Xmas Tree outside Plaza Singapura. Compared with the one at Travillion, Kuching, this is much better.

Me & My sis at the fountain area outside Plaza Singapura. There's no place to rest your legs in there man.. I had to go outside and rest my legs, drink, eat my dinner even because I ordered QQ ball rice (Taiwan cuisine) and they only have tapao option :( Had to eat my dinner with the smokers there... That place is also full of smokers puffing away.. like there's no tomorrow.

The same xmas tree as above

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